Audio Book Track Index

Book 1-Sorcerer’s Stone

Book 2-Chamber of Secrets

Book 3-Prisoner of Azkaban

Book 4-Goblet of Fire

Book 5-Order of the Phoenix

Book 6-Half-Blood Prince

Book 7-Deathly Hallows



Tables: all are PDF.

The chapters for each and every Harry Potter book are here.

This link hooks you up to a list of all chapter beginnings on the audio book cds.

Harry Potter Book Statistics: Summarizes for each book and for the full series, the number of chapters, pages and number of pages per chapter; the number of audio book CDs, tracks, recording time, mean time per track and mean time per chapter.

Chapter Markers This larger table lists each chapter of each book, giving the chapter title, starting page, number of pages, starting CD and track number in the audio books, and recording time in minutes (a great way to gauge how long it might take you to read the chapter out loud to your kids!). .

Audio Book Track Index: This large table is broken down by book, in PDF format, and lists the recording time for each track of each of the audio books (the times listed are those given on the CD computer listing), cumulative recording time, and where each chapter starts. This may be useful if you are looking for a specific part of a book, since the audio books do not come with a printed index.. 

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Harry Potter Book Statistics

The following tables summarize some interesting facts regarding the Harry Potter book, series by J. K. Rowling. So far our stats cover the U.S. published versions of the books (Scholastic, Inc.) and the audio books (Listening Library). UK versions will be forthcoming.
















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